Your DMS speedboat.

BlinkDMS is a lightweight open source DMS (Document Management System) for small companies (~500 employees) or other organizations. It is focused on version management and a controlled release process.


Slim, fast, intuitive!

More details

  • open source solution
  • target area: industrial research, development, production
  • max number of documents or versions: just limited by the memory volume, designed for millions of docs
  • typical number of users: 100, but theoretically unlimited (some GUI elements will be improved for larger numbers in the future)
  • area of usage: cooperation, workflow, regulated doc archiving, need for released documents
  • special scope: regulated (medical) industries under e.g. ISO13485, FDA 21 CFR 820 (more keywords: GMP, store records and SOPs)
  • ready for software validation (follows GAMP5, not included in the documentation)
  • integrated workflow (focus on review, release process; four-eyes principle configurable)
  • electronic signature support, if configured: password validation required in the approval process
  • each document has an unique, configurable document ID
  • tamper-proof document archive
  • optional automatic conversion from word to PDF, including document-ID, title and approval data injection
  • separate working areas for released and unreleased documents, no hassle with retrieving unreleased docs
  • possible to integrate with other systems
  • time of system implementation: install 2h; configuration: 10 minutes
  • mobile support
  • work offline: NO
  • multi language support: currently NO, TODO
Our USP - Difference to other DMS systems:
  • designed tp support document control in a (medical) regulated environment (keywords: QMS, ISO13485, FDA 21 CFR 820)
  • documents are organized in a flexible folder system, so people find documents in an intuitive way
  • folder system: one document object can be stored (linked) to multiple folders (intuitive, better than document tagging)
  • strict separation of the working area of released documents and documents under construction (needed for regulated environment)

Try the demo

Following initial users are available:
  • testW: jajsxB8738 (normal editor, reviewer)
  • testX: kskxny537WtqtzwP$s (normal editor, reviewer)
  • testY: aPllqwbxnfhfzre52Ms (normal editor, reviewer)
  • testZ: ldlMmsh62Ds9ahUiu+dx (can only VIEW)
Please read the Install-guide.

BlinkDMS is a free, open source DMS for Linux-based systems. So feel free to install the system on your server. Contact the dev team if you are looking for CSV (Computer System Validation) of the installed system.